Santa Claus Facts



Santa Claus is George Kash! George Kash is in fact the “REAL” Santa Claus that millions of children see on TV.

A professional Santa – PLUSfor 40 years!

When performing as Santa, the audience, regardless of age, truly believes thatThe Real Santais really here.

 The only Santa that can work an adult only event as well as the typical Children/Family event; with ease, comfort, skill and class.

He has sat for the proverbial Photo with Santa and nothing else, because that  was the clients’ wishes. He will not hold crying, traumatized babies; that is not fair to the child.  He will however have the parent sit beside Santa while holding the childOR – He will have the parent or parents sit on Santa’s chair while He stands behind them. This still gives the parents a Photo.

When the Real Santa enters a room, He mixes and mingles, and talks to and Interacts with as many kids and adults alike, while making his way to the area assigned for Santa.

Santa’s performing, before pictures and gifts, can run from 10 minutes to 60 minutes(ie.The Santa Show).  Length of Santa’s visit depends on the number of pictures being taken, and by whom…and what the client thinks they want Santa to do.  He will lead the audience in participation sing-a-longA Mrs. Claus exercise routine –  (a Santa sound-off)ask questions pertaining to Santatell some Santa factsinvolve kids and parents with an elves’ gameread The Night Before Christmas, etc. See  (*SHOWTIME WITH SANTA*)

Arriving dressed is not a problem, because when a child or anyone asks where the reindeer are; they are answered honestly and  truthfully, with a question and answer”When do the reindeer pull the sleigh ? Is today that day ?  So you see, Santa has to get around before Christmas Eve, and Mrs. Claus arranged for transportation, so that I could be here with you.”




Santa George does this as a single Santa performer- OR- with *Mrs. Claus – OR- with a musical elf on accordion – OR – with an elf band; which  makes it The Santa Show”.

IE: “SHOWTIME WITH SANTA”;  thus eliminating the possible need for some other form of entertainment. 

*Mrs. Claus, an accomplished face-painter, not only assists and interacts with Santa and patrons, but as an event planner, helps others organize their event. 

What would you like your Santa to do for you?

  • Just sit for photos ?
  • Have Mrs. Claus join him as well ?
  • Perform/entertain;  then sit for photos ?
  • Perform/entertain with musical elf and then sit for  photos ?
  • The complete  Santa Show?  (details on Santa Facts #3)

You can book the REAL Santa, as well as Mrs.Claus, for:  corporate & private parties (family and adult)…private homes and schools …business/office establishments…hospitals and retirement homes…individual retail establishments (on a one time visit basis).. surprise gift deliveries.

This Santa keeps up with what is current, especiallyin the 2 to 10 age group; adult things as well, for the “big kids”. This Santa can say Merry Christmas in over 25 languages.






This is a 1 hour(+) interactive special, with Santa sitting for photos after. Minimum band size-trio…Maximum size–quintet. Santa is actually a part of the band, but only plays at the end.

Opening Scene has The Elf Band “warming up” with Christmas Carols (medley/up-tempo) Keyboards-Sax/Flute-Drums…If a bigger band is required, Santa adds Guitar and Trumpet

Santa enters to.. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Santa sings 2 parodies (in the first person)

1. It’s That Time of Year Again…written by SantaGeorge

2. Jingle Bell parody ( The Exercise Song)

3. Santa leads crowd in Santa Sound-Off (Mrs Claus exercise routine)

4. “So You Want to Be an ElfParents and kids interact with SantaA pole routine with 6 pairs of participants

  • Santa leads everyone in Rudolph, after telling story of Rudolph
  • Santa leads everyone in interactive , 12 Days of Christmas
  • Santa has parents and kids up to join the band.. rhythm instruments supplied (Santa’s Jam Band)… 4 to 8 pairs of participants.
  • Santa sings Feliz Navidad…interaction with crowd
  • Santa sing/reads Night Before Christmas
  • Santa performs with band –1 or 2 songs—ending with Run Run Rudolph.(Santa is the drummer)

End of Show………Photo-session time with Santa, begins.


Santa Claus Fact #4


George Kash is:

  • The Most Believable
  • Interactive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Entertaining & Skilled Santa in the business of Santa Claus
  • He Raised The Bar
  • The difference between being entertained and being well entertained
  • When you Want and Need The Best
  • Exceeding your Expectations


In July of 2010 –

represented Canada at The Santa Claus World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark

NB  ……Enquire about Santa’s Quiz sheets –  Why – When – How

Enquire as well, about Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch with Santa and Mrs Claus. Another complete package – interactive AND entertaining.    

$$——-Location, arrival time, length of visit, type of visitwill dictate fee(s)