Face Painting

If you are looking for a special way to celebrate your special Christmas or Holiday party, then Face Painting is the way to go! A child can be transformed into a butterfly, wild cat, princess or a superhero! It is very entertaining and a great attraction for the kids and adults alike. The kids and adults are sure to have a memorable experience and a day to remember! There’s a resurgence in Kids Face Painting activities for school parties, fairs, festivals, charity fundraisers, corporate picnics, family reunions…just about anywhere families gather. Our roaster of talented Face Painters offer a large menu of creative designs – yet what really counts is to know how to put children at ease while they paint. You’ll have princesses sashaying among the tigers who are stalking through the heroes who are playing with dogs, cats, and dragons! Jungle cat copyWe can provide a fun and colourful atmosphere for any event that comes your way. From Christmas, Holiday, Birthday parties to corporate events – we have an array of designs that kids as well as adults will love. We are happy to create a unique painting menu for any theme parties or can provide the tried and true standard faces that have been loved for years. Eye designs, cheek art, masks, full faces, body painting and glitter tattoos are just some of the services that we are able to provide. Also, choose from a selection of child friendly costumed characters to dazzle as they work. If you have anything else in mind please don’t hesitate to ask!



“Dad’s Also Have Fun” at Face Painting!

Bic party with Santa

FP Nov 24 2013 BIC Xmas (8)

FP Nov 24 2013 BIC Xmas (10)

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